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To delivery high quality garments, for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes. Drive cost of clothing down by removing the weak links (broker, middleman, retail) and negotiating directly for best prices.

Using our preferred network of international couriers, we are able to bear the cost of shipping and deliver amazing cost savings to every household across the nation.

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Being a mother is a busy job to say the least. Finding clothes to fit not just myself, but my 2 teenagers is a nightmare.

Since finding this site, I’ve been able to give them a budget which has kept them searching for hours.
They’ve come back with quite a few items for only $5-$10 including shipping which has me amazed!

Least of all, our family budgets – This site is entertaining, its trending, and most of all, its saving 🙂

Sarah (USA) - Single Mother


Living a busy life as a Professor, finding quality clothing at my convenience has always been tough. Since finding this site, I’m amazed at the styles and quality of the clothes I can get.

Whats best is the fact that there isn’t any shipping! I cannot complain!
Truly a bargain if there ever was one


Chef Marianne (Philippines) - Culinary Chef & Professor

Finding mens clothing is easier enough though having to navigate through the malls and shops to find something that I like can be tiring.

I have a busy schedule and the last thing I want to think about grabbing new threads..
I found this site quite by accident, but as it turns out, I can find reliably priced and sourced shirts, singlets, jeans, shorts, and even shoes… Not to mention button up shirts for those special Occasion.. Its simple, its easy, and there’s not shipping fee.. Can’t complain

Justin (Australia) - Electrical Engineer

I consider myself a bit of a fashion trend setter. I hate being in the same room with someone wearing the same item, let alone, wearing the same exact shirt.. I mean.. Seriously!

I have defintely found my safe haven with this shop. I can find the latest trends, or mix and match to make the best out of what I have. It also helps on those dreary weekends where i’m feeling down.

A bit of online shopping therapy definitely puts a bounce back in my day.
If you haven’t tried it, give it a go – One thing I learnt though is to be patient – Free shipping Worldwide plus wholesale pricing? – WINNING!

Geoffrey (Canada) - Call Centre

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